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‘The Journal’ is the tri-annual magazine for the Movement Control Association (MCA) which consists of serving and retired military personnel who are responsible for logistic support services in both the military and civilian environments.
Serving members are directly involved in the procurement of land, sea and air assets for the world-wide deployment of materiel and personnel of the UK Armed Forces.  They also negotiate and let contracts through the Defence Transport and Movements Agency (DTMA), part of the Defence Logistics Organisation (DLO) in Andover for this procurement and all the £40m+ Armed Services business travel by road, rail and air. Many of the Association’s retired members either run their own
logistic companies, provide consultancy expertise to commercial companies involved in military work or are employed in the upper echelons of logistic organisations, many with military contracts and connections.
The business covers the whole range of logistics from provision including the control of budgets, to the operation of electronic systems involved in the process.
The Association is dedicated to fostering professional and mutual contact between members, at the same time protecting and enhancing the heritage and traditions of Movement Control, promoting and encouraging interest in preserving the history through its Historical Section.