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RNAS Culdrose has three major roles:
To meet the operational requirements of the Fleet Air Arm's front line squadrons - The principal role of RNAS Culdrose is to support the anti-submarine warfare and airborne early warning helicopter squadrons in meeting the operational requirements of that task group commander.
To provide 24-hour, 365-days-a-year military and civilian search and rescue for the South West region - The Sea King helicopters of the search and rescue squadron are ready to go whenever the need arises. Often operating in extreme weather conditions and at the limits of endurance and range, thousands of people owe their lives to the outstanding feats of bravery performed as routine events by the duty crews.
To train aircrew and other aviation specialists for the Royal Navy - RNAS Culdrose is responsible for the Operational and Advanced Flying Training of helicopter pilots, observers, aircrewmen, in subjects as diverse as search and rescue, weather forecasting, aircraft handling and other aviation specialist subjects. All members of the Fleet Air Arm will, at some time in their career, train or serve at RNAS Culdrose.