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Cosford Grapevine is the A4, quarterly, official Station magazine of RAF Cosford, which houses the Defence College of Aeronautical Engineering
The principal task of the DCAE is to provideĀ  high quality, relevant and up-to-date aeronautical engineering (AE) training to fulfill the needs of tomorrow's front line. To that end, the College is exploiting the opportunity to combine the best aspects of the Services` current AE training. Concurrently, the DCAE is supporting the development of a partnered solution for Defence Training. Cosford was one of the first Defence College sites to become fully accredited to an ISO 9000-2000 quality assurance

Cosford Grapevine is produced quarterly

system and it has now embarked on substantial business initiatives to secure International Defence Training contracts.
Being located within the centre of England between Staffordshire and Shrosphire, there are many places of interest within easy reach of Cosford.