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You may have noticed that the magazine has been renamed. This was following a station wide competition, where we wanted to give the magazine a unique name. 51 Degrees North was chosen, as that is the runway’s Latitude (to be more exact 51°45’).
51º North is the monthly A4, glossy full colour, official Station magazine of RAF Brize Norton.
It is distributed privately and free of charge by the MOD to all personnel and their families at RAF Brize Norton, and to other UK and BFPO detachments. It is also circulated around selected messes, military reading rooms and MOD networks.
The largest RAF Station in the UK, Brize Norton is the nerve centre of the RAF's air transport and air refuelling capabilities. It is an extremely busy station and constantly in the public eye, as the main airport used for deploying UK troops worldwide.
Aircraft currently based at Brize Norton include VC10s, TriStar and C-17s.
Also based at Brize Norton is No 1 Parachute Training School, which includes the RAF Parachute Display Team, the Falcons.

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