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Warfare Centre is based at Cranwell, as is the Aerosystems Department, a specialist training division. Cranwell also has a satellite airfield, RAF Barkston Heath.
Originally HMS Daedalus, a Royal Naval Air Service training and airship base, the site that is now RAF Cranwell was taken over by the RAF in 1918 for officer cadet training, a role it fulfills to this day at the famous RAF College. Currently based at Cranwell are No 3 Flying Training School who operate newly arrived King Air twin-engined aircraft (45 (Reserve) Squadron), 8 Dominie T1s (55 (Reserve) Squadron) and 16 Tutor T1s and carry out Basic Flying Training. Also based on the main airfield is the RAF College Air Squadron with Tutor T1s, and on the Cranwell North grass airfield is the Cranwell Gliding Club, part of the RAF Gliding and Soaring Association (RAFGSA). The Air