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RAF Odiham is situated a little to the south of the historic small town of Odiham in Hampshire, England. It is the home of the Royal Air Force's heavy lift helicopter, the Chinook.
Aircraft operations began from the site in 1925 but it was not until October 1937 that it was opened as a permanent airfield, ironically by the Chief of Staff for the Luftwaffe.
During World War Two P-51 Mustangs and Hawker Typhoons were flown by the base. After the Allied invasion of Europe the site became a prisoner of war camp. Following the end of the War RAF Fighter Command assumed control of the base and operated Spitfires, Hunters and Javelins. As part of Her coronation celebrations Queen Elizabeth II reviewed the Royal Air Force at Odiham in 1953.

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The first Chinook HC.1s were delivered to the RAF in 1980 and arrived at Odiham in 1982. The first HC.2 arrived in 1993. The RAF ordered the Chinook HC3, a special forces variant, in 1995. These are yet to enter service