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Provost Parade is the magazine for the RAF Police.
The RAF Police are responsible for Policing and Security of RAF bases and personnel in the UK, overseas and on Deployed Operations. Headquarters Provost Marshal (RAF) is located at RAF Henlow, Bedfordshire, encompassing the following:
No 1 Specialist Police Wing – Comprising the RAF Special Investigations Branch, Counter Intelligence Squadron and Security Services Squadron. Operations Support and Security Services Squadron, RAF Equal Opportunities Inquiry Team and the Defence Flying Complaints Investigation Team. Specialists within a Crime Scene Investigation Examination laboratory and a Computer Forensic Examination laboratory, and a Force Intelligence Bureau and Operations Support team assigned to a tri-Service Police 24-hour operations room, based at Southwick Park.No 2 Police Wing - Comprising of 4 RAF Police Squadrons within the UK, providing: General Police Duties, Investigations, Crime Reduction activities, Police and security liaison, RAF Police patrol dogs,


Provost Parade is

produced biannually

Commonwealth Office. In addition they provide Air Transport Security, manning for the Nuclear Emergency Response Organisation, Provost support for Non-
Specialist search dogs, Air Transport Security and Protective Security. On OP HERRICK, RAF Police carry out a number of diverse roles on the front line alongside the British Army; including Weapons Intelligence Specialists, Military Working Dog handlers, Counter Intelligence and Security advisors, Biometric Systems advisors, and mentors to the Afghan National Police.
No 3 Tactical Police Wing - Provides an adaptable Air and Defence asset with the ability to deploy globally into any environment. It provides a unique expeditionary policing and security capability and is utilised across Defence both in support of current operations and in other high tempo environments.
It provides operational.
training prior to deployments, hybrid training following deployments and responds to global short notice tasksA team provides Force Protection for Camp Bastion, in Afghanistan and No 3 Sqn RAuxAF, providing RAF Police auxiliaries to assist on all operations.
Specialists also provide Close Protection of Senior British Officers, British ambassadors visiting VIPs and supports the Foreign &
combatant Evacuation Operations, support to Humanitarian Operations, and Military Aid to a Civil Power/Authority.