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RAF Active is distributed to 123 military establishments worldwide, reaching readers through over 1000 clubs and associations. As well as its Service-wide readership, RAF Active is distributed to every corner of the RAF's infrastructure and forms one of the best recruiting tools at the RAF's high street recruiting offices.
It is the Royal Air Force's quarterly, sports and adventurous activities magazine and is distributed free to every location where RAF
personnel serve throughout the world. 
The primary aim of RAF Active is to encourage RAF personnel to partake in sports
and adventurous activities and
thus to develop desirable
personal qualities that would
be of benefit to the individual as well as the Royal Air Force.  Secondary aims of RAF Active are to encourage a healthy lifestyle and assist with recruitment of personnel, by demonstrating to prospective recruits the potential for sports and adventurous activities that are on offer in the RAF.
To achieve the aims, RAF Active publicises the exploits and experiences of individuals and groups of RAF personnel engaged in sports and adventurous activities, whether that activity is carried out as duty or representative sport, or as an independent activity with no official sponsorship.
The magazine also provides details of forthcoming events and training, with the aim of maximizing attendance at such events.  It also keeps readers informed about organisational issues, such as the role of the RAF Sports Board and the Physical Education Branch, along with details of sports and recreational facilities available to RAF personnel. (single and joint Service).
Outstanding sportsmen and sportswomen are also given publicity, to reward them for their achievements and to encourage others to aim for excellence in their chosen discipline.