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Service Dog is the quarterly magazine for the British Police and Services Canine Association (BPSCA). The BPSCA was formed in 1988 by a group of serving and ex service members of various forces and services using dogs. One of our aims is to promote friendship and welfare of its serving and retired members from the various forces and services
We are an organisation comprising of serving and ex officers involved in the handling and training of service dogs. Its purpose is to promote friendship, communication and an exchange of information on all matters relating to service canines both in the UK and abroad.
The BPSCA is a members only organisation and is not affiliated to any official police service or other government related body.
Membership is open to serving and retired members of Dog Sections from the British Police, H.M. Prison Service, H.M. Forces, Ministry of Defence Police, British Transport Police, Customs & Excise and the U.K Atomic Energy Authority. Membership will also be allowed to handlers from similar bodies overseas.